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 What is Brazilian music?  There is not a single asnwer, as there are many types of Brazilian music.  The Grammy Guide to Latin Music offers these definitions:

We will now cite some survey data from the 2003 TGI Brasil study.  This is a survey of 10,624 Brazilians between the ages of 12 to 64 years old who were interviewed during 2003.  During the survey process, these respondents were shown a list of radio program genres and they indicated the following:

In the following chart, we show the incidences by age/sex groups.  The patterns are actually fairly different among these four musical genres.  For MPB, the profile tends to be middle-aged among males and younger among females.  For axé/música baiana, the profile is distinctly younger and female.  For sertanejo, the profile is older.  For samba/pagode, the profile is younger females.  It would appear that the females are more likely to prefer the dance music of axé/música baiana, and samba/pagode.

(data source: 2003 TGI Brasil)

In the next chart, we show the incidences by socio-economic levels.  Here, MPB has the exact opposite profiles as the other three musical genres.

(data source: 2003 TGI Brasil)

The same pattern is repeated in the next chart, which shows the profiles by educational level.  In addition, we also note that the profiles for axé/música baiana and samba/pagode are inverted U-shape curves with dips at the lower end of the educational scale.

(data source: 2003 TGI Brasil)

(posted by Roland Soong, 11/16/2003)

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