Is Television Advertising Annoying?

Burger King television commercial

In most countries in the world, broadcast television is available for free to anyone who has a television set.   Obviously, nothing is ever really for free.  So in return for receiving free entertainment and information over the airwaves, television viewers have to watch television commercials coming from the people who sponsor those programs.

Television commercials come in many forms, such as:

 Attitudes towards these television commercials vary.  Some of the considerations include:

We will be referring to some data from the TGI Puerto Rico study, which is a multimedia study conducted by Mediafax Inc to collect demographics, media consumption, product usage and lifestyle information.  The study had a sample of 2,055 individuals aged 12 or more, who were interviewed between February and April, 1999. 

The key question here is the statement, "Nearly all television advertising annoys me."  Of the 2,055 persons, 13% said that they definitely agree with this statement.  This is an important information for advertisers and advertising agencies to know.  The successful communication depends not solely on the sender delivering the message, but the recepient has to be receptive.  Obviously, a general resentment towards television advertising as a whole is not conducive towards a receptive attitude.

In addition, we should be careful that this attitude differs among people.  The following chart shows how this attitude varies among people who say that they watch television during different parts of the day.  Bearing in mind that the overall level in the population is 13%, annoyance at television advertising increases among viewers in the early morning and late night dayparts, when there are in fact more commercial minutes per hour.  We will also note the slight bump between 3pm and 6pm across the entire week --- on weekdays, this daypart is dominated by children programming and talk shows; on weekends, this daypart is dominated by sports events and movies.

(source: TGI Puerto Rico, Mediafax Inc)


(posted by Roland Soong on 3/11/00)

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